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Organic Maternity robe and swaddle set with personalized baby hat. Perfect baby shower gift in Olive leaves pattern.

Set : Robe+Swaddle+Personalized baby Hat

🌺 Chemical-free Organic Maternity Clothes, Hospital robe and swaddle set 🌺

This baby shower gift is the cutest thing you have ever seen! It has everything a soon-to-be mommy needs for her labor and delivery. Bring home in our -One of a kind- Personalized Hat with the name of your newest member of the family on it! You will be moved to tears when you hold his/her cute hat with his/her name on it. We are one of the very few shops that offer personalized hats in our Maternity robe and swaddle set. That’s what makes it the perfect newborn gift as well.

This is also the fastest way to dress the whole family in matching DAD shirt, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, UNCLE, AUNT, etc shirts along with the matching mommy and me outfits. We also offer personalized names on the t-shirts, please message us. If you are looking for matching gifts for dad, look no further!


Kimono style Maternity Robe is offered in 3 sizes- S/M, L/XL and 2XL/3XL
Robe Length: 39"

Inclusions: Inner ties, a sash, and concealed pockets. Every little detail about the robe has been thought out end to end. The flexible belt loops, so you can tie the sash up or down as per your comfort. The deep pockets that can actually hold some real stuff for you. The inner ties secure the robe properly.

Adult sizes: US S, M, L, XL, 2XL

CUSTOM SIZE: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL possible for an additional charge.

Blanket: Sack-style swaddle blanket (wrap instructions provided, and very easy to follow)
Hat / Headband - New Born Size


Hand or Machine wash. Cold Water, Mild Soap. A final rinse with fabric softener, perhaps. Hang to dry only. Can iron on medium heat.

🌺FABRIC used in the Maternity Robe and swaddle set:
The fabric we use in these maternity clothes is Organic single jersey stretch cotton is soft and medium weight. The material is like that of a T-Shirt, but a little thicker, and oh so premium, as it is chemical-free and organic.


At the moment, we can safely boast to be the ONLY ones making our sets in this material, and in our unique prints. So, pretty much, one of a Kind OFAK. Did I forget to mention, that we customize the hats with an embroidered name? We are able to do it, cos we are truly making your order ourselves - no outsourced bulk being passed on as handmade.
Every little detail about the robe has been thought out end to end, and this is what adds that extra love to the set. You get the drift.

🌺WE ALSO MAKE comfortable lightweight delivery gowns and hospital gowns for labor and delivery with back snaps and shoulder snaps for your ease in birth and nursing. You can purchase this kaftan maternity gown here:

You will receive tons of compliments for them, we promise 😀