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Mountain Swaddle Set For Newborn Baby Boy And Girl | Swaddle Set For New Born Baby


SWADDLING can help calm a fussy baby and reduce awakening from sleep because of the startle reflex, also referred to as the Moro reflex. All babies are born with a spread of reflexes, including the startle reflex. Most parents would agree that SWADDLE SET FOR NEWBORN is imperative. There is a spread of baby swaddles out there, and each has its pros and cons.

  • Very Attractive and soft Jumping Baby Blanket cum sleeping Bag, a complete SWADDLE SET FOR BOY AND GIRLS
  • MATERIAL-Very soft Flannel Material
  • USE: Baby Wrapper, Blanket, baby sleeping bag
  • SWADDLE SET is an exclusive baby care gift set collection, ideal for gifting a new mother or for pampering your little one
  • SWADDLE SET FOR BOYS AND GIRLS are Specially designed combo for newborn babies
  • SWADDLE SET are gender-neutral


Here are some points which you and your baby will experience:

  • It helps your baby sleep longer
  • It may help calm a colicky baby
  • It keeps your baby on your back while he/she sleeps
  • It prevents from scratches.

Looking for the right SWADDLE FOR YOUR NEW BORN BABY?

  • Make the foremost useful baby shower gift: forget about checking out the baby shower gift. The UNISEX COLORS AND GENDER NEUTRAL PATTERNS make these blankets great for women and boys from 7 to 14 lbs!
  • Each deluxe SWADDLE BLANKET SET includes: 3 top quality swaddle wraps. The blanket are 100% breathable, elastic, ultra-soft, easy to use, and cozy. Open the package and find out our exceptional patterns. Use for sleeping, nursing, relaxing, and traveling.
  • Easily Adjustable : It is designed to facilitate your life to the fullest, these receiving SWADDLE BLANKETS have 2 adjustable hook and loop fasteners that conform to your needs. Adjust the maximum amount as you would like to make a soothing cocoon for your newborn. Prevent spontaneous movements like Moro reflex from waking them up.
  • 100% meaningless Purchase for all: Your 100% satisfaction means the globe to us. This deluxe baby SWADDLING SET is backed by our guarantee policy. Ensure a way more peaceful night’s sleep for your baby.