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Olive Pregnancy/ Postpartum robe and Hospital gown/ Nursing Nightgown.

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Our nightdresses and hospital gowns are perfect for pregnancy, hospital stays, and late-night feedings. Made from soft stretchy organic cotton, this nightgown is easy to slip on and comfy enough to sleep in (which really comes in handy when you've been up all day!). Plus, the shoulder snaps make it ideal for those nighttime breastfeeds.

This beautiful nightgown with a matching robe is designed to make anyone look radiant while pregnant or nursing.

The fabric we use in these pregnancy-friendly clothes is 100% Organic and made from comfortable, stretchy cotton that feels just like a typical t-shirt yet is thick enough to provide the added comfort of a cozy outfit. The material is free from chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing you are providing yourself with the safest clothing possible!

Nursing nightgown Inclusions: Soft snap buttons on the shoulders for easy breastfeeding.

Robe Inclusions: Inner ties, a sash, and concealed pockets. Every little detail about the robe has been thought out end to end. The flexible belt loops, so you can tie the sash up or down as per your comfort. The deep pockets can actually hold some real stuff for you. The inner ties secure the robe properly.

-Chemical-free Organic Maternity Clothes

-Nightdress/hospital gown with shoulder snaps and back snaps

-Maternity robe with a belt, inner ties, and deep pockets